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bQuiz brings online learning to a new level by offering a real classroom experience. Real teachers teaching classes LIVE, but a classroom that has no bell and no limits. Students can log on from anywhere, anytime: at school, at home, on a laptop, desktop, tablet or smart phone.
bQuiz is accessible, easy to use, and convenient. When students cannot attend a live class, they don't actually miss it. Each live class is recorded so students can watch what they missed or review what they watched. Students can interact with each other in the classroom chat box all day, every day. Teacher designed activities can be posted for students, and students can access the material to do what they want whenever they want. Students can take charge of their learning and study the materials that are essential for their success.
bQuiz teachers not only interact live with their students during class time, but can also monitor student progress with the online Gradebook. Upcoming events are posted on the interactive calendar so students will always know what to expect and when to expect it.
bQuiz virtual classroom... NO LIMITS! Taking students from anywhere to everywhere !
Prep Materials
As soon as you log in, you have full access to a library of resources selected to prepare you for your exam.
  • Practice tests
  • Skill-building games
  • Instructional videos
  • Strategies, tips, and notes
Live Teacher Webcasts
Attend a real-time class online, where teachers and students interact to best prepare for the exam.
  • See the teacher during the presentation.
  • Watch as the teacher draws on the whiteboard, and opens materials for the class.
  • Ask the teacher questions, and chat with others in the class.
  • Class presentations are recorded for replay any time.
Practice Exams
  • Take timed tests that simulate the real exam.
  • Get the results instantly.
  • Identify weaknesses for extra practice ahead of time.
Skill-Building Games
  • Play against yourself or others.
  • Games are designed to address problem areas.
  • Keep playing to improve scores.
After I sign up, when do I start?
What do you mean by "Live Classroom"?
What if I miss a class?
Who am I chatting with?
What is the difference between taking a quiz from the assignments page and taking a quiz out of the resources?
Who are the teachers?
Why are there only 4 assignments when I first open up my page?
Can I just play the games and wait for the live class to start?
What if there is a problem?
Can I use my mobile devices?
How many people can play the games at the same time?
Can I retake quizzes?
What browsers can I use?
Why can't I use Internet Explorer?
What is the refund policy?
Testimonials From Teachers
"bQuiz offers students an engaging and interactive venue to prepare for the ACT. Bringing the instruction to them, and out of my English classroom, is what makes bQuiz unique and a welcome addition to test preparation."
— Jennifer S.
"The volume of resources available to students allows students unlimited practice and review."
— Sue P.
"bQuiz gives immediate feedback so I know exactly what my students understand and what we need more work on."
— Matt M.
"bQuiz students who do not catch something the first time around have plenty of time to go back and review the material. The practice games are extremely useful. They allow students to study without even fully realizing that they are studying. It helps, too, to know what types of questions that students are answering incorrectly."
— Kevin F.
"bQuiz's smooth interface allows teachers to communicate with students in a variety of ways."
— Matthew S.
Testimonials From Students
"bQuiz teachers are easy to listen to, and the quizzes are exactly like the real ACT!"
— Carrie (score 32)
"I enjoyed how the teachers came across. They want to help and they were fun..."
— Britta (+3 pts)
"I enjoyed everything! It was amazing how much material we covered for such a low price. With bQuiz you never had to worry about what time you logged on...I could replay the class video and take all the practice tests I wanted, whenever I wanted. This was very helpful."
— Hassan (+4 pts)
"I liked how the bQuiz teachers really involved the students, and asked their opinions. I thought it was helpful knowing what kind of questions would be on the ACT Test."
— Samantha (26 ACT)
"On bQuiz we got to do practice tests and they (the teachers) gave us tips; I enjoyed being able to talk (chat) with other students about the class. We were able to ask questions and the teachers would work out the problems; they worked on the things that students struggled with."
— Torie (+4 pts)
"I really liked that I could post a question and have a direct answer and the step by step process to solving the question. It was really helpful to be able to continually work on practice tests and games."
— Allyssa (+2 pts)
Did the bQUIZ ACT Prep make you more prepared for the ACT?
"Yes! Not only did I feel like I did well, I was much less nervous."
"Yes! I knew what to expect on the test so I wasn't too nervous at all."
"Yes it did. It allowed me to have more confidence in my answers even if I had to guess. I was able to narrow the answers down because of the tips I learned on bQuiz."
"Yes! I felt like I knew what to expect, and could easily dissect the questions."
"Yes, bQuiz gave me tips to remember how to pace myself on each test."
"Yes, bQuiz made me more relaxed for the test."
"Yes, by making us more familiar with the questions, bQuiz made it easier to answer them on the Test. I really liked that I could post a question and have a direct answer and the step by step process to solving the question."
"bQuiz was really helpful to be able to continually work on practice tests and games."
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Mike Brown at (877) 787-1122
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